Wednesday, 20 October 2010


How to get your self started with blogging to make money?

  • Wednesday, 20 October 2010
  • Pradeep Kumar
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  • Hmmm..This is my first post regarding the online money making. I was amused to hear that online money making is possible. When I was in college my friends told me that we can make money online. When they told me for the first time, I hardly able to believe them. And their is a reason behind that also. If online earning is possible then why the people used to work for someone else. Why don't they earn online being at home, and be their own boss. Since, working for others means you will be held responsible for any kind of failures, and your achievements are less noticeable. This tends to happen in software industry. Being a computer geek, he or she can easily learn to earn money being online, so why they still work for others. But somehow my friends convinced me about earning online. I was a gaming addict so I am not able to spend that much time in earning or reading online about the earning fundas. My friends used to read about these earning mechanisms, and landed into PTC websites. They also told me about these websites. I though earned few times from PTC websites, but I hate that kind of earning from PTC websites. Sitting like a data entry operator and keep on visiting some websites which are nothing to do with my interests. So, i decided not to waste more time on these websites, and love to spend my time in playing computer games.

    But the question still remains in my mind, whether online earning is possible or not. So, I started spending time in reading articles over net. And I leaned that me earning online is possible. Believe me, earning online is not an easy job, but once you started earning it becomes very easy to earn more. So let me tell you few things about earning online. Till now I was only aware of these PTC websites to make money online, but making money through these websites is not a good idea. These websites require a lot of time to earn pennies, and the learning is not worthy also.

    So, instead of these websites, I started reading articles regarding the other money making online activities. These include make money by writing articles, make money by blogging, SEO optimization etc etc. Writing articles are not meant for me because of my poor English, I know it can be understandable, but its not that good which makes me write articles. So I decided to enter into blogging. Now, you might be wondering that writing articles might have earned me bucks, but blogging.... how?? Confused :O

    Hmm..Yeah only blogging can't make money for you, to earn money from your blog you need to work a lot to make it a money making machine. Since this initial hard work may fetch you a good sum of money. You might know that to achieve bigger goals you need to start at least, and most difficulties are faced by the person are at the beginning. So. lets start a blog.

    Though I started blog, but I am not aware of the fact, that blogging also means writing articles about something, at least something. Decide whatever you want to write about, so I again landed in the world of confusion. So I started thinking about the idea on which I can write, but landed nowhere, so I decided to write about anything which I like and which makes me think. So finally I started this blog, which have anything related to technical things, bachelors emotions, life of a bachelor, some online tricks and tips, making money tips etc.

    So, finally I took the first step, this doesn't mean that I started making money. This is just the first step to make money through blogging. Now I started writing anything, but writing anything wont earn big money for you. There is something which needs to be followed so that your blog also listed in the search results when they search something about which you write. So, its always better to write about a particular topic, instead writing about anything, I also realized this later. When you focus on one thing then the ads which will be displayed on the blog are also relevant to the content you write about.

    You must be wondering what are these ads now. These are the money making machine elements for you in your blog. A blog alone cant make money for you. What are these ads all about, there are many advertisers waiting to publish there ads on your blog, either you can directly own them or though some big fish, like google adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser etc. Once your blog is approved they'll provide you some java script that you need to embed in you blog, so that ads relevant you you content appears on you blog.

    So this was the first step to start a blog to make money online, will provide details about adsense setup in next article, also tell you about the efficient use of adsense ads to make more money.

    Most of the bloggers concentrate on money making from the blog, but never ever divert your self from the original idea of blogging. Keep posting good articles, and don't worry about the money, it will automatically follow, as soon as you able to grab your visitors. 
    Always interact with your visitors if you get a chance to interact with them via comments or something else. I would like to make friends, if any one like to.

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