Saturday, 16 October 2010


India shines with after closing ceremony of commonwealth games

  • Saturday, 16 October 2010
  • Pradeep Kumar
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  • Delhi Commonwealth games 2010 are in light from last two or three months. Before three months, everyone criticized these games, may be because of the corruption involved in it, unhygienic conditions, missing deadlines in completion of tasks etc. There were many reason s behind this, but one thing which come out after these games that India got the potential to stand head to head with the sports giants soon. The infrastructure in India is not that good as the conditions or the infrastructure, but still there are sportsmen in India who have dedication for their respective sports. Soon, worlds will see Indian athletes clinching medals in Olympics.

    But, one thing I like to comment on some players of other countries who decided to quit before the launch of the games. Those players, quit games on security reasons and hygienic conditions. Can they answer this now, as no one fall ill during the games, and no activity occur related to security issues. Those people are responsible for spoiling Indian image in the world. Many people still can't digest India's emergence as a world player. One day while surfing internet, I come across a Yahoo Question from some person that states that "Why is India a developing country? Why not a third world country?". Thanks to the person who answered this question very well.

    Yes, India still have problems, but they have the potential to prove themselves, but either because of the lack of facilities, or corruption in the India Government, always put us down. But one day we will come over it. Western Media, during the CWG games, seriously criticized the conditions that are made available to the athletes for the games, but I was closely following games, I dint heard any news related to any athlete who falls ill. During these days, also, I come across a news, in which I heard that Indian conditions are not as of some western conditions, commented by some Indian politician. These politicians, hardly know anything, but can't shut their mouth, also when they hardly aware of these nonsense comments. These small things really matter to a Developing countries.

    On one hand we had launched a campaign called as "Incredible India", and on the other hand we are commenting this. We are here to provide world class facilities to anyone who visits us. If we lacks this time, we surely don't want others to comment on us next time. We know we can build those world class facilities and we will.

    After the end of commonwealth games, a committee is created to probe into CWG scam, but this will only be prove success, if the people who are part of this scam put behind the bars as early as possible. By early I don't mean it will take 25 years, the results must be declared with in a span of 2 to 3 months. This will gain faith of the Indian citizens on Indian Law.

    For a developing economy like India, hosting Commonwealth games is a big opportunity, no one can ensure that, there are no failures on hosting such a big event for the first time, instead of criticizing, one must appreciate. Even the India media is following the same footsteps to gain TRP. Indian Media must ask themselves, that what they have done to reinstate the faith of Indians and Peoples from the world. Being an Indian, I really feel glad to hear that closing ceremony of CWG Games was seen by 16 million people.

    To conclude this, I must say, these games lighten Indian image in the world.

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