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M. Sharanya : organ donation story

  • Saturday, 28 July 2012
  • Pradeep Kumar
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  • M. Sharanya had a positive outlook towards organ donation. She believed organs should be donated so that the beneficiaries could have a fresh lease of life. And when she died in a road accident on Saturday, her parents overcame their shock and made sure that their daughter’s wish was fulfilled.

    The 21-year-old engineer’s organs were harvested after she was declared brain dead at the Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital where she was under treatment for over a week for injuries sustained in an accident near Bhavani in Erode district. She was returning with a group of friends after a lecture on career development at a private engineering college near Salem when a lorry collided with the car.

    The doctors had told her parents that Sharanya’s brain was damaged and there was a possibility of recovery if a surgery was performed. The doctors did perform the operation but the girl died on Saturday. “Two days prior to the accident, Sharanya got her results. She had passed electronics and communication engineering with 94 per cent,” said her father, K. Manean who is an electrical engineer from Rathinapuri, Coimbatore.

    As soon the doctors told them that she was brain-dead, they knew what should be done. “We requested the doctors to harvest her organs. It was not only her wish, but also ours. My wife, Kalamani, readily agreed.”

    The doctors at KMCH harvested her eyes, heart valves, liver and kidneys. The eyes were sent to Aravind Eye Hospital, Coimbatore, heart valves to Frontier Lifeline Hospital, Chennai, liver to Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, and the kidneys were retained at the Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, said V. Ramesh, vice president, KMCH.

    Her parents believe that their action would do Sharanya proud as the girl was always in the forefront of social causes.

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