Saturday, 27 August 2011


Indian Media

  • Saturday, 27 August 2011
  • Pradeep Kumar
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  • When I reached melbourne, I thought atleast from television point of view Australia and India will be same. But, I was totally wrong. Here, news channels are only meant for news, not for entertainment like India. India must take action to curb the growing number of such entertainment channels. Most of the times they telecast something which cannot be termed as NEWS, and that story is telecasted as a BREAKING NEWS. I don't know how come all the stories telecasted by Indian News channels are termed as breaking news.

    Whenever Indian News channels got something to increase their TRP, they make it a news. But, when there is some serious news, they don't even telecast it or telecast it in flash.

    I don't want to highlight all, people know what our media is publishing. For example,
    Recently, 12 terrorists killed and a young officer martyred. A total of 5 lines in the leading dailies and a scroll on the news channels. Hard to imagine this is the same media which was crying loud for soldiers just about 6 days back. Soldiers work on days other than 15th and 26th also.

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