Sunday, 14 August 2011


Independence Day in Melbourne

  • Sunday, 14 August 2011
  • Pradeep Kumar
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  • Since, I belongs to a family of soldiers, Independence Day and Republic day is bit important for me. All Indians are pretty attached with their Nation. We call India as mother land. I am very emotional too. Today is 14th August, I am thinking of getting a flag tomorrow to celebrate 15th August over here. Still I am not sure, where I'll get the Tricolor, but, I'll try mys best to get one, or else I paint one and take a print out to celebrate the biggest Indian festival.

    Today, I am missing India to celebrate this festival which resembles our victory of freedom. For those who are not aware of this very fact, that India gained Independence from British Rule in 1947, 15 Aug, do realise what we have achieved in just 60 years. American compare us with them, although they are more than 200 years old independent country. :)

    Although, we have many internal issues, but today we'll celebrate this festival as an Indian. I am proud to be an Indian. So many diversity in each and every aspect is an added advantage in India. No one can survive with so many religions, castes, states with different cultures, environmental diversities etc. But we still attached to each other with the thread of Nationality.

    Missing India Today. :)

    Happy Independence Day.

    Let Anna Hazare's 16th August incident able to succeed in making each Indian's Dream come True.

    2 Responses to “Independence Day in Melbourne”

    Pradeep Kumar said...
    14 August 2011 at 18:08

    I remember last year I was at Leopold Cafe with my friends on 14th August night. We celebrated with Independence Day with a loud cheers. Cheers to Indian Freedom Fighters

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    8 April 2018 at 21:24

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